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Home School Agreement


Home School Agreement


As a colleague, I will:

• Provide a safe and happy environment for all children

• Encourage children to do their best at all times

• Provide an appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of all children

• Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through opportunities that  build positive relationships, self-esteem and self-responsibility

• Make everyone aware what’s acceptable behaviour and what isn’t allowed

• Be open and welcoming, offering parents ways to get involved with  

school life

• Let you know your child’s progress each term

• Give homework that supports our curriculum

• Show commitment to our co-operative values and Ways of Being Co-op


As a parent, I will:

• Make sure my children attend as much as possible and arrive on time • Avoid holidays in term-time  

• Help my children wear our uniform with pride - during the day and in PE  • Get in touch if my child will be absent

• Let colleagues know if I am concerned about anything that will affect my  child’s work or behaviour

• Support with homework, and read with my child daily, for ten minutes or  more

• Take part in parents’ evenings and school information evenings

• Help my children understand and follow our behaviour guidelines

• Respect everyone in our community and let colleagues know of any  concerns

• Help keep everyone safe online and only share information about our  community with consent

• Make sure my children have a healthy life balance with their devices and  age-appropriate games

• Help my child get a great night’s sleep, so they’re ready for the day

• Show commitment to our co-operative values and Ways of Being Co-op


As a student, I will:

• Come to school as much as I can and be on time.

• Wear our uniform with pride

• Do school work and homework as best I can

• Look after my school community

• Respect everyone, showing good manners and safe behaviour at all times • Look after any property I borrow, like Chromebooks and reading books • Show commitment to our co-operative values and Ways of Being Co-op

Our Ways of Being

The four Ways of Being Co-op guide our  

future – no matter what we do, they’re how we  do it.

Our Co-op values

We demonstrate our commitment to these

values and principles in everything  

we do.






Do what  

matters most


you care

Be yourself,  always






Social responsibilty Caring for others

Co-op Academy Princeville