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  • Welcome Back

    Published 29/08/23

    I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer break, and managed some valuable family time.

    At Princeville, we are all looking forward to the new term and as usual the teachers have been working hard to plan lots of exciting learning experiences for all our pupils.

    School Return

    School will open on Monday 4th September for all pupils. The doors will open at the usual time of 8:45am and close at 8:50am. Staff will be outside in the morning to direct you to where you need to go if you are unsure.

    Don’t forget: Be on time, at quarter to nine!

    Welcome Meetings and Classes

    We have planned a teacher welcome meeting for every year group, this will give you an opportunity to meet your child’s class teacher and find out what learning looks like for them.

    Below is also a reminder of which adults are teaching where.


    Welcome Meeting


    Talking Twos

    Ongoing in classroom

    Miss Davies, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Gazi


    Ongoing in Classroom

    Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Kauser, Mrs Malik, Mrs Akhtar, Mrs Bedford

    Reception: Shaw

    Wednesday 12th July 2023

    Miss Kauser, Mr Miah

    Reception: Dyson

    Wednesday 12th July 2023

    Miss Westerman, Mrs Asghar, Mrs Rafiq

    Year 1: Turing

    Wednesday 6th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Chapman, Mrs Day, Miss Pandor

    Year 1: Lovelace

    Wednesday 6th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Miss Rukhsar,  Miss Greaves

    Year 2: Ibn Sina

    Wednesday 6th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Miss Campbell, Mrs Ahir, Mrs Sidat

    Year 2: Hawking

    Wednesday 6th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Kaur, Mrs Raja, Mrs Belhaj

    Year 3: Mozart

    Thursday 7th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Yunas, Miss Fatima, Mrs Bi

    Year 3: Beethoven

    Thursday 7th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Miss Brice, Mrs Akhtar, Miss Hussain

    Year 4: Curie

    Friday 8th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Riaz, Mrs Nawaz

    Year 4: Newton

    Friday 8th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mr Mayat, Mrs Hussain

    Year 5: Forster: 

    Tuesday 5th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Hussain, Miss Abbas

    Year 5: McMillan

    Tuesday 5th September 2:30pm (Dining Hall)

    Mrs Parveen, Miss Farooq

    Year 6: Bronte

    Monday 4th September 2:30pm ( Dining Hall)

    Mrs Barrett, Mrs Bhatti, Mrs Saleem

    Year 6: Wordsworth

    Monday 4th September 2:30pm ( Dining Hall)

    Mrs Stott, Mr Taylor, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Saleem

    New Canopies

    We are extremely excited with the work that has been completed in both the Early Years/Key Stage 1 and the Key Stage 2 playground with the new canopies that have been installed.

    These will offer protection from all weathers and ensure our pupils have access to a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space in all weathers.


    It is really important for pupils to arrive at school in the correct uniform. Uniform shows we’re a community and part of a team. I have included a reminder for you below.

    Our everyday school uniform is the following:

    • Grey Sweatshirt with our academy logo
    • Purple polo shirt with our academy logo
    • Grey full-length trousers or grey skirt
    • Purple-checked Summer Dress
    • Grey Tabard Dress
    • Black shoes

    For Year 6 only

    • Grey Blazer with our academy logo; or
    • Grey V-neck jumper with our academy logo
    • A white collared shirt
    • Grey full-length trousers or grey skirt
    • Grey Tabard Dress
    • Black shoes

    P.E Uniform

    • Purple Sweatshirt with or without our academy logo (please re-use current jumpers for this purpose)
    • White polo shirt with or without our academy logo
    • Black tracksuit bottoms
    • Trainers

    This information is also available here.

    We are looking forward to seeing all pupils return on Monday 4th September, looking smart and ready to start the new term.


    Naureen Majid
    Acting Headteacher


    Click below to download this letter as a PDF ⬇️

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  • Autumn Term 2023 Newsletter

    Published 07/12/23

    We’ve had a really successful term in school, and we just wanted to write to update you about a few important things

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  • Firework Safety

    Published 20/10/23

    Firework Safety Message from West Yorkshire Police

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  • Ways of Being Co-op

    Published 19/05/23

    We had some feedback on our recent pupil survey that our children don’t often have the opportunity to speak to you about our Ways of Being, at home.

    We thought this might help when talking about how we can be co-operative within and beyond school.

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  • Attendance Rewards

    Published 18/05/23

    Children with strong attendance succeed in school, and these good habits last a lifetime.

    85% attendance means a child has missed six weeks of school across the year!

    So far this year, we have lost 631 days to unauthorised extended leave – that’s the same number of days as one child attends in almost three-and-half years at school!

    We want to work with you to make the most of the education that’s on offer to your child. We want to play a part in making them successful now and in the future, but we need your help!

    Children who attend 100% are 5 times more likely to work at, or above, the expected standard.

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  • Lit in Colour

    Published 30/01/23

    Thanks to @PenguinUKBooks and @twinklresources for sending 100 Penguin books by authors of colour as part of ‘Lit in Colour.’

    Books create belonging. They help us see each other and understand one another. They shine a light on the world.

    It’s vital that the books we read in our formative years reflect the rich diversity of the society we live in.

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  • RSE Consultation​​​​​​​

    Published 06/01/23

    Parent consultation has now finished, please see the updated policy here:

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  • Attendance Awards​​​​​​​

    Published 16/12/22

    The following children have won prizes from the attendance raffle that was carried out in assemblies this morning:


    1st Prize: Uthman Patel – Beethoven

    2nd Prize: Aram Diwali – Turing

    3rd Prize: Aleena Ahmed – Turing


    1st Prize: Mujtaba Ahmad Ashraf – Pankhurst

    2nd Prize: Qasim Hussain – Pankhurst

    3rd Prize: Emilija Robalde – Wordsworth

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 08/11/22

    In remembrance of all who have lost their lives in war, we will be holding a two minute silence at 11 o’clock on 11 November 2022.

    We designed poppies to be displayed at the Kirkgate Centre in Bradford Town!

    Keep an eye out for the display or go and take a look yourself!

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  • Building Skills at Home: Parent and Carer Guide

    Published 24/06/22

    Co-op Academy Princeville works with The Skills Builder Partnership to ensure every learner has opportunities to build eight essential skills to support them now and in the future.

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  • Visit to Co-op Live

    Published 22/06/22

    On Tuesday 21 June we visited the new Co-op Live Arena.

    Year 6 learned about what planning goes into such a huge project!

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  • Train to Teach with Co-op Academies

    Published 11/02/22

    Andy Gibson- Head of Early Career Framework with Initial Teacher Training

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